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The Long Island University Post Music Department in collaboration with the American Camp Association accredited and nationally acclaimed Oasis, has designed an elite summer music program launching this summer, 2017! The program is designed with two divisions and offers students the opportunity to work with coveted professionals both rehearsing and performing with traditional ensembles such as band, orchestra, and choir, including small ensembles such as jazz ensemble and jazz choir.

The most exclusive quality of this summer program is a special unique montage of electives for students to choose from designed to build and enhance performing arts skills. LIU and Oasis have secured highly experienced professionals in their respective areas to facilitate the electives and build the most prolific outcome for students. Electives will include but not be limited to: Songwriting, Acting for Musicians, Conducting, Composing for Video Games, Improvisation, Hand Drumming, Music Theory, and Yoga for Musicians. Courses are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. In addition to ensembles and electives a variety of guest artists will also appear to offer their knowledge and experience.

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