3 Creative Fall Activities for Your Child

With summertime winding down, your child will soon get to experience the wonders of fall yet again! With cool weather and falling leaves, there’s a whole new world to explore for your curious child. Move on over, summer sports — here are some creative fall activities for your child!

Go on a Nature Walk

Nature walks are one of those creative fall activities that all members of the family can enjoy! 

Nature is a wonder to behold, and the fall is an excellent time of year for you and your child to explore it. You can visit a local park, or if you live in an area with lots of trees and wildlife, go on a nature walk around your neighborhood. If you don’t know where to begin, here are some ideas:

  • Bring along a camera so that you can snap photos while out on your adventure.
  • Look at the different colors of leaves on trees as they change from green to reds, greens and oranges this time of year. Also, examine the texture (we love a nice crunchy leaf)!
  • Ask yourself what kinds of animals live in this area? What birds can we see? Look closely at those leaves — can they tell us anything about what type of animal might be living nearby? Can we find any tracks left by animals like raccoons (you might need binoculars). Are there any creatures hiding under those logs or rocks? Try making up stories about who might have made them!

Creative Fall Activities Include Pumpkin Picking!

Another one of those creative fall activities that you and your entire family can partake in includes pumpkin picking! 

A very timely outing for the season, you can go pumpkin picking and make pies or jack-o-lanterns (especially since Halloween is around the corner!). 

Pumpkins are a fun, fall activity for kids. They’re good for you too; they’re rich in potassium and fiber, and they provide beta-carotene (a nutrient that converts to vitamin A in your body). You and your child can also roast pumpkin seeds to snack on while you carve pumpkins into fun faces ahead of Halloween. And if Halloween isn’t your thing, you can go all out by making pie!

Create a Scavenger Hunt

creative fall activitiesCreative fall activities aren’t just limited to the kids; with scavenger hunts, parents can think outside of the box, too! Kids love finding specific things, so a hunt gives them direction as well as an exciting goal. Parents can make this activity challenging by hiding certain items in unique locations. And as a parent, you can also band together with other parents and create a neighborhood-wide scavenger hunt!

Here’s what you should do for a neighborhood scavenger hunt…

  • Make a list of things to find.
  • Have the kids take turns finding things on the list.
  • Have one person be the leader and make up challenges for everyone else to do in order to get points. For example, make them find as many leaves as possible or run up to people and ask them questions about their favorite Halloween costumes. The leader can also give out prizes at the end of the hunt like candy or stickers. 
  • Let kids go off on their own to find whatever they want without having any rules imposed upon them!