3 Ways to Make Your Child Feel More Confident at Day Camp

Attending day camp for the first time can be seriously overwhelming for a young child—and for parents! To help make the transition easier for both of you, instilling confidence in your child prior to the first day of camp will be essential, and it will also ensure a positive, fun experience that your child will remember for years to come.

Confidence is crucial to the development of your child, and it affects his or her ability to navigate and operate in the world around them. Building confidence will better equip your child to engage with and learn from others in meaningful ways, and he or she will be able to learn the skills necessary to maneuver unfamiliar environments as they grow older.

Below are three simple ways you can help make your child feel more confident at day camp and beyond.

Emphasize Your Love and Support for Your Child

One of the most important things your child will ever learn from you is how to love and support themselves and others. Because your perception of your children is so influential to the way they see themselves, it’s crucial to remind them of their potential and ability early in life. Through this unconditional love and care, he or she will begin to build the confidence needed to take on new opportunities with determination and excitement.

Use Your Child’s Name When Communicating

Our names are central to our identity—it serves as one of the foundational elements of our own self-perception. If you don’t often address your child by his or her name, make it a point to avoid overusing pet names or nicknames when communicating in the weeks leading up to camp. We use names to convey our respect for others, and being addressed by our names contributes to our overall confidence when communicating with others, particularly with new people. By addressing your child by his or her name and making eye contact, your child will feel more confident when interacting with day camp peers.

Encourage Decision-Making in Play and Learning

Inviting your child to make decisions during playtime and learning offers the tools young children need to feel more comfortable being assertive when interacting with other children and adults at day camp. Encourage your child to speak up about things of interest or when others cross boundaries, which will be important for experiences outside of the home.

The Oasis Experience

At Oasis, we’re all about ensuring a positive, fun-filled day camp experience for our children. Contact us today for more information about our day camps, activities, and parent resources. We’re excited to hear from you!

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