4 Electronics-Free Activities to Do This Winter

Every day, we’re constantly hearing about how screen time should be limited — whether it’s less time on the computer, the phone, or the television. Despite the cold weather, winter provides a wonderful opportunity to break free. Here are some electronics-free activities that you and your family can do this winter!

Building a Snowman

When it comes to electronics-free activities in the winter, one of the first things that comes to mind is building a snowman! A timeless tradition, kids of all ages and generations love to get outside during the winter and participate in this fun activity. Plus, it’s a great way to get exercise as your child will be running around and lifting a lot of snow.

If snowmen are out of the question, your child can simply just make snow angels — but make sure they’re bundled up properly! If your child is feeling extra creative, on the other hand, you can help them build out a snow fort or snow castle!

Electronics-Free Activities Include Journaling

Learning about the world and self-expression is a major part in growing up. As children grow, they learn to employ methods that help expedite their learning of the world around them. One great way to kickstart that journey is through journaling!

Journaling is one of those electronics-free activities that helps relieve stress, find purpose in life, connect with family and friends, and be more productive. Journaling is simply writing down your thoughts on paper. It can be as simple as recording what happened during the day or something as involved as reflecting back on past experiences or planning for future events.

Other benefits of journaling include increased self-awareness and understanding of others. It can help develop feelings of empathy in your child. Furthermore, it can alleviate feelings of anxiety, as kids won’t have to keep their thoughts cooped up in their heads. Instead, they can get all their thoughts and feelings out on paper, which is tremendously helpful in staying calm.

Board Games for the Family

electronics-free activities

Electronics-free activities aren’t just limited to the kids, they can also extend to the family as well! Take the time out to plan a family game night with some classic board games. You can find just about any board game on the internet nowadays, so stock up for some family fun in the winter time.

Some board game favorites we like are:

  • Monopoly
  • Sorry
  • Candy Land
  • Life
  • Operation
  • Connect Four (technically)

Visit Your Local Playground

If the weather permits, another one of those electronics-free activities you can do this winter include visiting your local playground. What better way to spend time outside with your friends and family than hitting the local playground?! With swings, monkey bars, jungle gyms, and more, there are endless possibilities for fun — just be sure to be safe and watch over your kids as they play!

Keeping Your Child Active at Oasis

At Oasis, we have a number of electronics-free activities that’ll keep your child entertained throughout their entire stay here. From team sports to arts and crafts, there’s something for every child here at Oasis! To learn more about our offerings, please visit our website and contact us for Summer 2023 registration today!