4 Safe April Fools Pranks for Your Child

April Fools’ Day is coming up, and if you’re looking for some safe and fun pranks to play on your child, look no further! In this blog post, we’ll share four April Fools’ pranks that are sure to get a giggle out of your little one. So read on, and happy pranking!

April Fools Pranks Include the Toothpaste Trick

Put a small amount of toothpaste on someone’s toothbrush while they’re not looking. They’ll be in for a nasty surprise when they go to brush their teeth!

If you’re looking for easy yet funny April Fools pranks to pull on a family member or friend, then try out the Toothpaste Trick! All you need to do is quietly put a small amount of toothpaste on someone’s toothbrush when they are not around. It might sound like a simple trick, but trust us – it will be hilarious to see their reaction when they pick up their toothbrush expecting nothing out of the ordinary only to find it filled with toothpaste! For extra laughs, head into the next room and pretend you know nothing of their unexpected surprise; we guarantee that their baffled expression alone will make it worth it!

The Vaseline Doorknob

Cover a doorknob with vaseline so that the next person who tries to turn it gets a slippery surprise.

What better April Fools pranks can someone pull than the classic Vaseline doorknob? Covering a doorknob with vaseline is an old-school trick that’s sure to confuse and amuse any unsuspecting friend or family member. When the victim attempts to turn the knob, they won’t be able to get it to budge since it’ll feel very slippery. Seeing their confusion will probably bring you no end of delight! This can be done nearly anywhere — at home, work, school, or elsewhere — so long as you have an unused doorknob. So consider surprising someone today with a Vaseline doorknob and a little laughter!

The Frozen Spoon

Put a spoon in the freezer overnight so that it’s nice and cold when your child uses it to eat their cereal in the morning.

Who doesn’t need a good trick up their sleeve every once in a while? Well, we’ve got an idea right here that you may want to add to your collection! When considering April Fools pranks, try the Frozen Spoon Trick. Perfect for those mornings when you want your child’s cereal to be just the right temperature. What do you have to do? Simply pop a spoon into the freezer overnight and it will come out nice and cold ready for your morning breakfast routine.

The Whoopee Cushion

Who doesn’t love a good whoopee cushion gag? Fool anyone sitting down by sneaking in a whoopee cushion on their seat and prepare for huge laughs!

april fools pranksWhoopee cushions have been one of those classic April Fools pranks for decades! They were originally created as practical joke items to play on unsuspecting people. To this day, these squishy, air-filled pieces of plastic are still around to continue making us laugh. All you need is to find an unsuspecting victim and place it underneath them – just make sure they don’t see it or all the fun will be spoiled! Whoopee cushion pranks can lead to some of the most priceless moments, with belly-aching laughs reverberating throughout the room! So go ahead and pull that whoopee cushion prank today and watch someone jump out of their seat in surprise and delight!

Pranks and gags can be a fun part of any child’s life. We hope this blog post encourages you to have some good-natured fun with the ones you love most! Whether it is the Toothpaste Trick, the Vaseline Doorknob, the Frozen Spoon, the Itchy Powder Trick, or a classic Whoopee Cushion gag, there is always a fun prank that kids of all ages will love. 

Laughing is an important part of childhood and making lifelong memories. At Oasis, we focus on fostering a safe environment and making sure everyone has a positive experience. With our knowledgeable staff, great facilities and tons of activities, kids can have an unforgettable time while having wholesome entertainment. To learn more about our camp offerings, please visit our website and contact us today!