5 Creative Summer Activities To Keep Your Child Physically Active

With summer in full swing, your child will want to play outside and soak up the sun. Whether it’s playing hopscotch or basketball, keeping your child physically active can instill healthy habits in your young ones. Here are 5 creative summer activities that allow your child to remain physically active.

Car Washing

It may not seem like such a thing, but creative summer activities also include car washing! Car washing, you ask? Why yes, car washing!

Car washing can be really fun for children, as they get to soak up the sun while playing with copious amounts of soap and water — and who can resist a good hosing down under the sun?! On top of that, it also fosters discipline in your child by emphasizing cleanliness and assigning a chore to them that they ultimately may find fun. 

Have them clean, scrub, and soap the outside of the family car while cleaning the inside. Not only does this keep them physically engaged, but also instills good, clean habits for the future. You can reward them with a prize of yours or their choosing afterward!

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is one of those creative summer activities that gets both the heart and brain moving. A game that needs no explanation, hide and seek forces your child to think analytically and creatively about where the person they’re hunting down has chosen to hide. Your child can either run around or roam carefully to find their target!


Ah, the classic game of hopscotch! A timeless gem, hopscotch is one of those creative summer activities that can be played virtually anywhere where chalk works. First, you’ll want to lay out the court by drawing a number of rectangles. Traditionally, courts are drawn as a series of single and double rectangles — with single rectangles representing single-leg jumps and double rectangles representing the point where both feet can hit the ground.

Like scavenger hunts, hopscotch is both a physical and mental workout. Children must be able to balance themselves while making real-time decisions to either use one foot or two to jump in the appropriate rectangle. A player ultimately wins when successfully jumping through the laid out court all the way to the end.

Scavenger Hunt

Sports can certainly be taxing, and scavenger hunts are a great way to switch things up for your child. And who doesn’t love a good scavenger hunt?! It’s one of the most fun and creative summer activities out there!

As a parent, you can provide a safe outdoor environment for your child (perhaps your yard, a local playground, or a park with wide visibility) and create a goodie list of items for them to find. This will have them running, searching, and thinking critically to find the items they seek. It’s a wonderful means of keeping your child not only physically active, but also mentally!

To add more and up the ante, you can set a timer for your child and task them with finding the most items in that time period. They’ll be sweating in no time!


Wrestling is one of those creative summer activities that is phenomenal for your child’s health. Though wrestling season usually runs through the winter, the summer is the perfect time to get your child on a mat for some physical activity and potentially gauge if they want to sign up for the wrestling team come wintertime.

Wrestling is a sport that often flies under the radar as opposed to sports like basketball and baseball, but it is a sport that forges discipline, self-confidence, and both physical and mental resilience. On top of that, it’s a fantastic sport that lets your child build up their self-defense skills. Learning to shoot single and double-leg takedowns, sprawling, and fireman’s carrying others are great ways to get that heart pumping!

Wrestling also is a great sport for developing one’s aerobic system and slow-twitch muscle fibers. Through this, your child will develop endurance, flexibility, and impressive bodily autonomy.

Creative Summer Activities at Oasis

Here at Oasis, we have a wide range of creative summer activities that’ll keep your child physically active throughout their stay here! To learn more about our offerings, please visit our website and get in touch with us today!