5 Fun DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a great holiday for your children to flex their creative muscles. Instead of going out and buying a pre-made costume, you and your child can band together to make some unique DIY Halloween costumes this year. So what will you and your child be this year? Here are some ideas!

Fun DIY Halloween Costumes Include a Crayon!

DIY Halloween costumes don’t have to be expensive. In fact, one of the most inexpensive costumes you can come up with is a DIY Crayon! These are super cute for your little ones, and they’re very easy to make.

First, grab a t-shirt of any color, preferably your child’s favorite. With some black cardstock, you can carve out the crayon design and glue it onto your little one’s t-shirt. Top it off with an adorable hat to complete the crayon attire!

A Skeleton

Of course, a classic Halloween staple is the good ol’ skeleton! This is another one of those DIY Halloween costumes that utilizes a t-shirt. Grab your whitest t-shirt possible, cut it up accordingly (you’ll want to get those ribs in there!), and toss it in some dirt for the aesthetic!

You can get really creative with this one, too. We think it would look great paired with a black sweater underneath and a pair of black jeans to really channel that Hot Topic-chic. Don’t forget to add the makeup as well. It doesn’t have to be complicated — some eyeshadow and lining to define the jawline and lip makeup to show the teeth will do the trick.

OR, if you’re feeling really bold, why not go for the Papa Emeritus look?!

A Cardboard Box Robot

diy halloween costumesOne of our favorites! Cardboard box robots are incredibly adorable and are very easy to make. In fact, we know you’re ordering from Amazon every day. We know you have a million cardboard boxes just laying around the house, so put them to good use come Halloween!

If you want to get crafty with this one, you can decorate your cardboard box with old CDs, pictures, and other knick knacks to round out the costume!

A Librarian

Reading is fundamental. If your child loves to read, they can translate their love of books into a librarian costume! This one is very simple and doesn’t require much effort at all! Pony up a cardigan and blouse, combine it with a plaid skirt, and you’re good to go! Other aesthetic touches include eyeglasses or a book (or collection of)!

‘80s Rock Band Members!

Kickstart your heart with an ‘80s rock band get-up! These are perfect DIY Halloween costumes for all members of the family. Mom and dad can get in on the fun with spiked/frizzy hair and bedazzled jackets and gloves, while the youth goes wild with their multicolored outfits. Aesthetic touches include painted fingernails, face paint, musical props (mics, guitars, etc.), and excessive amounts of leather!

Halloween Season at Oasis

At Oasis, we encourage our campers to be as expressive, as unique, and as much as them as possible. To learn more about how our camp services can empower your child, please visit our website and contact us today!