Child Empowerment Through Day Camp

Day camp can be one of the most fulfilling experiences for a young child. For them, it can be developing a new hobby, learning a new skill, or simply making new friends. Whichever it may be, day camp provides a perfect opportunity for your child to practice autonomy. Here’s how day camp enables child empowerment.

Socializing for Child Empowerment

One of the most important acts of child empowerment your young one can participate in is socializing — and there’s no place greater to forge lifelong friendships than at day camp! 

According to Oxford Bibliographies, “Socialization is the process by which children are prepared to become successful members of society.” They add that socialization “requires the learning of skills, behavior patterns, ideas, and values needed for competent functioning in the society in which a child is growing up.”

At day camp, your child will be introduced to fellow campers who may share similar interests and hobbies, but they’ll also meet children who offer differing viewpoints. Through this, your child will learn and grow as they gain further perspective on life’s offerings with these interactions. Furthermore, your child will learn the necessary behaviors to adapt to society through these interactions. 

On top of that, your child will also get to interact with positive role models in counselors and all who work at camp. Being thrusted into an environment that fosters positivity and happy social interactions can work wonders for your child’s self-esteem. Camp counselors also make for great moral guideposts for a young, impressionable child!

Developing a New Hobby

At Oasis, we offer a number of fun activities that foster child empowerment. From sports like basketball and volleyball; physical activities like dance and martial arts; and creative activities like painting and arts & crafts, camp presents a wide world of possibilities for your child to explore.

At a young age, children are busy discovering their passions and what personally motivates them. With positive camp counselors and an environment of advancement, camp programs will help a child explore their authentic self — whether it is through sport or the arts. New hobbies ultimately allow for kids to hone in on potential talents and interpersonal skills as well.

Developing a new hobby can have great mental benefits for a child, too. According to UNICEF, engaging in play can help children “reduce stress levels,” “process difficult emotions,” and “build confidence.” Hobbies are quite the powerful tool when it comes to child empowerment!

Learning New Skills

Child empowerment at day camp is also forged through learning new interpersonal skills. Through socialization, play, and learning new hobbies alongside others, children learn valuable intrinsic skills that carry on throughout their lives. Such skills include teamwork, leadership, and confidence.

When a child participates in sports, for example, they are learning the concept of teamwork and how coming together with fellow teammates to achieve a common goal is possible. Furthermore, children can assume the role of leader by divvying up tasks to fellow teammates and working to accomplish said common goal.

Children can also find their confidence through the number of activities a camp has to offer. Take martial arts as another example. Here, children can learn personal discipline and self-confidence by working up the belt ranking system. And through constant involvement, your child will see tangible results and feel empowered in knowing that their work has paid off.

These are all intangibles that ultimately carry on with your child for the rest of their lives. There’s no greater place to forge child empowerment than day camp!

Child Empowerment at Oasis

Here at Oasis, our varied programs and activities offer plenty of opportunities for child empowerment. Whether it’s through sport or art, there’s something for every child here at Oasis. On top of that, our staff of positive camp counselors will assist your child along their journey of growth and development along the way!

To learn more about Oasis and how to enroll your child, please visit our website and contact us today!