Bayside Fall Newsletter 2022

Happy Fall Everyone!,

Another summer has gone to fast; memories have been made and we are now settling back into the routine of school. We hope everyone had a smooth transition and is o to a great start! As the colder weather approaches, we think back to those hot summer days and we are extremely grateful for the sta who worked long hours to make it a great summer, for our campers whose smiles and energy kept us going all day and for our camp families who trusted us with their children. IT WAS A SUMMER TO NEVER FORGET!

As much as we love summer, the fall weather signals the holidays that come with it! We wanted to share some of my favorite crafts with you and hope you enjoy family time making them!

Bayside Events:

  • Halloween weekend NY Hall of Science Oct 28-31, 2023
  • Tea and Treats at Flushing Rose House – Saturdays throughout the Fall
  • Socrates Sculpture Park – Long Island City Queens – Year-round family destination oering Harvest Festival and more!
  • Museum of the Moving Image – Jim Hanson Muppets Exhibit through January 11

Fall Crafts

Pinecone Hedgehogs

  1. Lay the pine cone on it side.
  2. Take one big piece of air dry clay – make it onto the ball and stick it to the pointy end of the pine cone. Shape into a head.
  3. Make eyes with a pencil and a small ball for a nose.
  4. Make 4 smaller balls and attach to the sides for legs.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Paint, if desired.

Autumn Leaf People

Materials: Toilet Paper rolls, leaves, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, gems/buttons/pompoms, paint, glue

  1. Paint your toilet roll and let dry.
  2. Take your leaf and draw a face on it. Stick on some googly eyes.
  3. When your toilet roll is dry, poke holes in the sides and add pipe cleaners or sticks to make arms.
  4. Glue your leaf face onto your toilet roll.
  5. Embellish with mini-buttons, mini pom poms or jewels as buttons down his front.
  6. Name your little leaf person!