LIU Fall Newsletter 2022

Hi Amazing Oasis Families,

Wow! Another camp season is complete and the transition back to school has been made. What an amazing summer 2022 was – creating memories that will last a lifetime, spending time outdoors and o screens, trying new activities, and making new friends. When I look back on last summer, it just brings a smile to my face. What wonderful memories you and your children helped create for me. It’s only 8 weeks of the year, but it is such a very special and impactful 8 weeks. My heart is full of gratitude for our campers, our sta, and particularly for you, our camp parents who have trusted us with your children. As we head into this Thanksgiving season, I thought it would be appropriate to say THANK YOU!

To our campers – who arrive every morning with energy, excitement, and most importantly huge smiles to start the day. You are the reason we do what we do – thank you! Our campers are engaged and open to trying new things each day while creating memories that will last a lifetime, making lifelong friends, and learning skills for life.

And to our camp parents – we could not have done this without you. We are so thankful that you shared your children with us this past summer. Your support and encouragement are o the charts and greatly appreciated. We care about our camp families, and we are so grateful you have all become part of the Oasis Day Camp family.

As the weather gets cooler and the leaves turn, we are thinking of warmer times and preparing for an amazing upcoming summer. Improving upon our already amazing activities and looking for new and exciting programs
are our top priorities.

We can’t wait to reconnect next summer!

Have a happy and safe holiday season,
Steve Miller
Camp Director


Pinecone Hedgehogs

  1. Lay the pine cone on it side.
  2. Take one big piece of air dry clay – make it onto the ball and stick it to the pointy end of the pine cone. Shape into a head.
  3. Make eyes with a pencil and a small ball for a nose.
  4. Make 4 smaller balls and attach to the sides for legs.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Paint, if desired.

Autumn Leaf People

Materials: Toilet Paper rolls, leaves, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, gems/buttons/pompoms, paint, glue

  1. Paint your toilet roll and let dry.
  2. Take your leaf and draw a face on it. Stick on some googly eyes.
  3. When your toilet roll is dry, poke holes in the sides and add pipe cleaners or sticks to make arms.
  4. Glue your leaf face onto your toilet roll.
  5. Embellish with mini-buttons, mini pom poms or jewels as buttons down his front.
  6. Name your little leaf person!