I am so excited for this upcoming summer and to share with you all that we have planned! Whether your child spends a few weeks or the whole summer here, Oasis Downtown will provide a safe, fun, and formative experience, shared with once-in-a-lifetime friends and led by dedicated role models. This was true for me as a first-time Camp Counselor in 2008 and remains true today.

Our summer staff members are hand-picked and passionate about our mission. We work with our staff to create a place where our campers discover a safe space to explore who they are away from the stress of school. Where they can be heard, their ideas and their personalities can shine and be valued, and each camper feels they are an important part of a whole camp community. Each day is special and filled with camp songs, swimming, sports, creative arts, enrichment, and lots of smiles.

Camp is a place where kids can connect, unplug and discover – all key to an amazing camp experience, but developing meaningful relationships and the Oasis culture of a community is what keeps our campers and families coming back year after year. This is my 15th season involved at Oasis Downtown, filled with many memories that I still look back on as meaningful and so inspiring. Year after year, it is a privilege to be part of our camper’s lives and to witness them becoming their own unique individuals in this world.

2022 is going to be an unforgettable summer. I can’t wait to welcome you to our Downtown family!