Dressing Right for Day Camp in a New York Summer

Weather in New York can be both unpredictable and ruthless, and the summer camp season is of no exception. When it comes to beating the NY heat, planning ahead will be key to ensuring a comfortable day camp experience for your child.

Whether it’s your family’s first time experiencing a NY summer or if you’re a New York day camp veteran, using a thorough, thoughtful checklist will make packing for a day of outdoor activity that much easier.

To help your child dress right for day camp in a New York summer, use the below checklist as a guide to planning your child’s summer wardrobe prior to their first day.

A Checklist for New York Day Campers

As you begin planning your child’s summer wardrobe for day camp, keep in mind the importance of light-weight, light-colored clothing. At the start of each week, plan your child’s outfits for the entire week to avoid scrambling last minute the night before. Additionally, remember to invite your child to help choose the outfits he or she wants to wear – doing so will instill confidence and encourage decision making prior to the first day of camp!

Shirts and Tops

Summers in New York mean battling the sun all season long, so loose fitting, light-colored shirts will be crucial to ensuring your child is comfortable and cool throughout the day at camp. Your day camp may provide t-shirts, but plan to purchase five to seven additional plain t-shirts to use as spares. For rain or wind, make sure your child doesn’t leave the house without a light-weight hoodie or jacket!

Shorts and Bottoms

When choosing pants, look for loose-fitting shorts that facilitate air flow and don’t restrict movement. As with tops, light-colored bottoms work best—opt for khaki or white as you shop for your child’s day camp wardrobe. In the event of rain or cooler temperatures, pack non-denim bottoms that aren’t too tight around your child’s legs.

Bathing Suit

If water sports will be part of your camp’s summer activities, don’t forget to add a camp appropriate bathing suit to your shopping list. Check with your camp administrators regarding acceptable swimwear.

Socks and Shoes

Children are constantly on the move at day camp, so comfortable socks and shoes are an absolute must for any appropriate summer wardrobe. Look for high socks with a well-fitting pair of sneakers. For activities where your child will get a little messy, like hiking or sports, consider an older pair you won’t mind getting a bit dirty.


With accessories, give your child more freedom to customize and develop their own style. Some helpful accessories to consider are a waterproof watch, a baseball or sun hat, and a fun pair of sunglasses.

Summertime with Oasis

With Oasis, we’re dedicated to providing your family with the day camp experience of a lifetime. Contact us today for more information about our programs and activities and to learn how your child will benefit from the Oasis experience!

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