Exploring Nature This October: Encouraging Outdoor Play

In order for children to grow and maintain a healthy balance amongst all areas of their young lives, outdoor play is absolutely essential. When this harmony is achieved, children are able to focus more clearly on tasks at home and school while also benefiting from the physical exercise and mental stimulation afforded by outdoor play.  

In outdoor environments, children are given the space to truly let their imaginations soar, in turn blossoming their understanding of the world around them through engagement with others within and throughout the natural world. 

Regardless of where you live, you can ensure your young children have access to the resources they need to fully express themselves through the power of outdoor play. This October, encourage your child to explore the beauty and wonder of our world while also gaining the socialization and exercise necessary to develop into his or her full potential. 

Below are a few simple ways you can encourage outdoor play with your young child this October.

Ensure Ample Space and Resources for Outdoor Play

To encourage outdoor play for your child, ensure access to an outdoor space that is large enough for your child’s imagination to take flight. If you don’t have a large yard, community parks and playgrounds offer ample space and playthings for your children to run, jump, hide, and holler to their hearts’ content.

Foster a Safe, Inclusive, and Engaging Environment for Outdoor Play

Playing with others in outdoor environments teaches children valuable life lessons and skills that can’t be taught in the classroom or through books alone, such as cooperation, communication, and problem solving. By exposing your child to different experiences and individuals within the natural world through outdoor play, he or she will begin to understand that learning is a lifelong process rather than a one-time event.

Stay on the Lookout for New and Exciting Opportunities for Outdoor Play

Early childhood is a wonderland for young children, and they may take inspiration from even the seemingly most minute details of life. As long as there are adults around to supervise, kids can manage to be creative and entertained in any environment. To take this development even further, be on the lookout for other organized opportunities for outdoor play in your community. Doing so will open your child’s mind up to the endless possibilities for adventure in the natural world. What’s more, he or she will also be sure to make lifelong connections along the way.