How Day Camp Teaches Your Child Gratitude

Throughout their time at day camp, your child will come across many situations that challenge their intellectual development. These challenges will help your foster growth and progression in your child. They also help cultivate traits such as patience, kindness, and empathy — and also teaches your child gratitude.

So be it through teamwork and coming together to reach a common goal, or simply just enjoying the peace that art making affords, day camp can be a great place for your child to learn. It can also be a great place that teaches your child gratitude.

Teamwork makes the dream work!

At day camp, your child will enter situations that will require them to work with other campers. With a number of sports offered at Oasis — including basketball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis — your child will come together with other campers to achieve a common goal. Alongside the increased competitive spirit, teamwork also teaches your child gratitude. defines “grateful” as “warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness or benefits received.” 

When your child and their teammates score that big goal or win that game, they can express feelings of thankfulness and show appreciation for their cohorts — as they all banded together to make their shared goal come to life. It instills an intrinsic sense of appreciation in your child for trusting others with their capabilities to achieve that win. And even in loss, your children learn and experience gratitude and empathy, as they tried their best and will weather the same emotions alongside their teammates. But fear not — the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement!

Oasis also offers a dance program. Dance also teaches your child gratitude in the sense of learning from their teachers and eventually nailing that challenging dance number alongside their peers!

Enjoying the finer things in life with arts and crafts

With arts and crafts, your child will develop a profound sense of appreciation for their environment. They will also be able to find inspiration in their everyday lives. From interactions with other campers, exploring nature, and interacting with the teeny tiny ladybug on the ground — these are all simplicities that your child can translate through arts and crafts. Through this, it also teaches your child gratitude.

Whether your child is busy making paper airplanes, making fun construction art, or painting with watercolors, they will experience gratitude through the exploration of their imagination — knowing that their creativity is uninhibited and freely-flowing, especially in the conducive environment that Oasis provides. 

At Oasis, we offer a number of arts and crafts activities, as well as painting, so your child can explore their imagination, creativity, and all their minds have to offer. Your child will feel grateful for the camp counselors, their peers, and their parents for being afforded an environment that encourages children to be themselves.

Making new friends teaches your child gratitude

One of the biggest ways camp teaches your child gratitude is through socializing. At camp, your child will meet other children from all walks of life. Befriending other campers has a proven number of benefits.

According to Mayo Clinic, friendship can increase a child’s sense of purpose and belonging, reduce stress, and help avoid unhealthy habits. When your child makes friends, they will, in turn, express gratitude knowing that their feelings are being reciprocated. The appreciation and purpose afforded by friendship will certainly last your child a lifetime!

On top of that, your child’s friends will express a mutual gratitude knowing that they’ve made friends who appreciate them for who they are. At Oasis, we create an environment rife with activities and sports that encourages all to get involved — which will give your child numerous opportunities to make new friends and create relationships that last a lifetime!

How Oasis teaches your child gratitude

At Oasis, we foster a conducive environment that teaches your child gratitude amongst a number of other crucial life skills. With our numerous programs available to all camp goers, there’s room for all to be involved and revel in the wonders of gratitude! To learn more about how Oasis can provide a fun and safe experience for your child, please visit our website and get in touch with us today!