How Does My Child Feel About Day Camp?

How does my child feel about day camp? Are they excited? Are they happy to be back after a long school year? Feelings are a primary component of emotional intelligence. Children with strong self-esteem are also more capable of understanding the feelings of others. Camps provide an opportunity for children to learn how to cope with difficult feelings through meaningful and fun experiences.

The Benefits of Day Camp for Children

Many parents wonder about the emotional, mental, and physical benefits of day camps. It’s a big step for kids to leave home — even if it’s just for a few hours. At first, you might have some anxiety about your child getting used to being away from home and with people he or she doesn’t already know.

But once you’ve researched a camp that’s safe and fun for your child, you can relax knowing that there are definite advantages to sending them off for the day.

Your child feels happier, more independent, and more confident.

At Oasis, we focus on building your child’s self-esteem. Campers are free to discover new interests and hobbies, try new experiences, and grow in their own way. Our staff is trained to help them feel comfortable with taking steps in this direction. They will learn that there is always a safe space to explore new interests and that failure is simply an opportunity for growth.

Your child feels at home at camp because they are surrounded by a community of people who care about them and want to see them succeed. Your child’s positive experience at day camp will build the foundation for a lifetime of happiness. At day camp, they will make lifelong friends who will be there to support them through every stage of life.

Your child feels inspired and special.

When the day is over, your child will share stories about activities at camp: about making new friends, learning how to canoe, or discovering creativity through art. And you’ll learn something from the experience as well — that you made a good choice by sending him or her to day camp.

Your child feels competent and understood.

A day camp experience is a unique opportunity to learn and develop new skills. Your child will emerge from the camp experience feeling competent, understood and connected. Inspired by their new-found knowledge, they are motivated to practice or use their new skills to create something on their own.

Campers become confident in their ability to master new skills while they build lasting friendships with their peers. Campers also learn how to be a part of a team and listen to the opinions of others. This is an important learning opportunity for your child as it fosters social competence, which is a key component of emotional intelligence.

Your child feels a sense of belonging.

The camp experience is a powerful one. It introduces children to new challenges in a safe environment, helps them develop new skills, and builds the confidence they need to take on those other challenges they will face in life.

Your child will feel a sense of belonging as a result of their day camp experience. Campers are encouraged to participate and engage in activities with their peers while they explore their independence.

Camp is an opportunity for your child to build peer relationships that can nurture them throughout their adult lives. The friends they make at camp will be with them for years to come!

To learn more about the benefits of day camp, or to learn more about the many programs we offer at Oasis, explore our website today!