Keeping Your Child Healthy in the Winter Months

Despite the fact that parents should always be keeping a close eye on the health and well-being of their children throughout the year, winter is frequently the time of year when seasonal afflictions are most prevalent.

What’s more, the combination of dry, heated air from central heating and less time spent outside can occasionally result in an increase in illnesses among both parents and children. To help keep your young child happy and healthy this winter, here are four helpful ways to ensure a smooth holiday season with your kiddos. 

Practice Healthier Eating Habits

Nothing is better for the body than healthy food. Make a day of it by going to your local farmers’ market for a pleasant adventure that also provides an educational opportunity for your young child. Making fruits and vegetables more appealing in the winter is just as vital as it is in the summer in order to keep your child healthy and encourage healthier eating habits year-round.

Dress for the Winter Weather

Investing in good cold-weather gear to keep little noses and fingers toasty and warm during the chill of the winter months will make cold-weather playtime more enticing and pleasurable for your children. Natural textiles such as wool repel water and keep children warm, while synthetic fleece coat liners can elevate core body temperatures to allow for safer and more enjoyable winter play.

Supplement for Lost Vitamin D

During the winter season, children may not be getting enough Vitamin D from the sun in order to stay healthy. A dose of Vitamin D obtained by playing outside can also help to strengthen the immune system, which can help to decrease the duration of an illness and keep your child healthy – recreational activities and family outings in the fresh air are excellent ways to keep everyone healthy.

Facilitate Regular Play

In the same vein, it has long been known that regular physical activity can improve the response of the immune system to illnesses and viruses, and new research appears to indicate that this is true for children as well as adults. Encourage children to participate in regular physical activity and play – especially when the weather is frigid – to help them maintain a healthy body and mind. Winter weather can be a great opportunity for children to engage in outdoor activities that they will enjoy. Sledding, snowball-throwing, and enjoying a nature walk are all excellent winter activities to do when the weather is cold.