New Years: Celebrating as a Family

New Years often gives families a chance to reflect, learn, and grow alongside one another. Whether it’s through fun family activities or shared experiences, parents can use this as an opportunity to educate their children on the importance of expressing gratitude. Here are some ways you and your family can ring in the new year in a safe and healthy way.

Expressing Gratitude in Light of New Years

New Years is the perfect holiday for families to express their gratitude towards one another. It’s also a fantastic way to teach your children the importance of gratitude and being thankful towards their peers throughout life. 

When you express gratitude to others, it helps solidify your relationships and can increase their level of happiness. Furthermore, when you express gratitude to yourself, it helps you feel better about yourself and can encourage you to work towards goals that will make your life better.

Expressing gratitude for the past year is a good way to remind yourself that there are many things in life that are going well, even when times get tough. And when it comes to the future, expressing gratitude serves as an encouragement for positive change in years ahead (and may help us all avoid feeling overly pessimistic).

A Wholesome Family Get-Together

new yearsHaving a wholesome family get-together on New Year’s is one of the best ways to celebrate. There are a few things you can do to make your party memorable and memorable for all the right reasons. First, invite friends and family over to share in the festivities with you.

Be sure to set the mood with appropriate decorations and have the New Years Ball Drop on TV! That way, everyone is on the same page for when the New Year is finally upon them! 

Furthermore, plan out a wholesome meal for everyone attending for the evening. Consider having each guest bring something as well — there are many creative options when it comes to food choices. For the kids, make sure everyone has fun games and activities planned for them throughout the evening. That way no one gets bored waiting around for midnight; instead they’ll have plenty of time having fun before heading home afterward. Perhaps an indoor scavenger hunt? Or a Family Game Night?

Setting New Year’s Resolutions Together

Setting New Year’s resolutions and making plans is a great family activity, especially if you’re the type who likes to do things together! You can use this time to work on your own goals, or even set some goals for each other! Whether it is eating healthier, exercising more, etc., having someone to accomplish goals alongside can be incredibly comforting for a child and can help push them forward.

Resolutions ultimately are an excellent way to bond with your children while instilling crucial life skills in them — such as independence, discipline, and passion.