Preparing Your Young Child for Their First Year of Day Camp

The first day of camp is an incredibly exciting time for any child, but the weeks beforehand may be an overwhelming period. Before the big day, you should make sure your child has everything he or she needs to make the most out of their experience at camp, which involves making a preparation plan and packing all the appropriate supplies.

Make sure your child is prepared for his or her first day of camp by planning ahead and staying organized. By doing so, you’ll be able to dedicate the week before camp to spending time with your child before their everyday routine changes.

How to Prepare Your Child for the First Day of Camp

Stick to a Transition Plan

One of the most effective ways to prepare your child for his or her first day of camp is to make a transition plan and stick to it. The goal of a transition plan is to make all necessary arrangements before your child’s day-to-day schedule is changed to accommodate day camp. Transition plans will vary from family to family, but your plan should always include informing the appropriate figures, such as family members, guardians, or doctors, of your child’s updated schedule.

Gather Necessary Supplies

Check with your child’s day camp to see if they’ve prepared a supplies check-list for incoming campers. If they haven’t, below is a sample list that you can adapt to fit your child’s needs as they prepare for their first day.

  • A sizeable reusable water bottle
  • A durable backpack
  • A light jacket or sweatshirt for cool weather and evening temperatures
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Daytime medications
  • A comfortable pair of running shoes
  • Spending money, as appropriate

Make Connections

Prior to your child’s first day, make sure to reach out to your day camp’s administrative staff if you haven’t already. After you introduce yourself, inquire about any outstanding preparations that should be made, as well as any information you may need to know about prior to your child’s first day of camp. Depending on your child’s age, encourage him or her to reach out to friends they’ve made in past years of camp. By making these connections, you will better prepare your child for their camp experience, and they may feel less nervous about the big change to come in their life.

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