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Oasis at LIU Post: The Perfect Long Island Summer Camp!

Summer is the season of fun, relaxation, and adventure. Many parents look for ways to engage their kids during this time, especially those who work full-time or simply want their children to experience something new. On Long Island, there is a summer camp that has been providing children with unique and exciting activities for years: […]

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4 Ways to Prevent Child Aggression

At camp, there are a number of competitive activities — from sports to martial arts — that can certainly bring out the passion in children. Sometimes, however, child aggression may bubble to the surface amidst said activities. Here are 4 ways camp counselors and other employees can curb an angry camper’s temper. Intervene Child aggression […]

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How Does My Child Feel About Day Camp?

How does my child feel about day camp? Are they excited? Are they happy to be back after a long school year? Feelings are a primary component of emotional intelligence. Children with strong self-esteem are also more capable of understanding the feelings of others. Camps provide an opportunity for children to learn how to cope […]

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