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Encouraging Healthy Eating for Your Child

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it can be easy to go crazy with unhealthy food. We get it — sometimes it’s warranted! But if you want your child to maintain good eating habits this Thanksgiving, you’ll want to limit the pies, fats, sugars, and all other bad stuff they may intake during the holidays. Here […]

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Thanksgiving: Teaching Your Child Gratitude

Every year, Thanksgiving brings families together for one joyous celebration. It’s a time where kids can play, adults can rejoice, and families can convene to express gratitude over life’s gifts. As adults and parents, we get this — but for children, some may not fully grasp the concept. Here’s how you can go about teaching […]

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Thanksgiving Recipes for Even the Pickiest Child

Making essential dishes for family events is something that kids like doing with great responsibility, and sharing the experience of cooking meals with your child can have long-term benefits on his or her confidence and self-esteem. If you’ve been shooing your children into the living room while you toil away in the kitchen alone, you’re […]

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