Teen Travel Camp: Opportunities for Growth and Expression

You can never overstate the importance of a well-rounded education and teen travel camp. For many parents, school is the most appropriate place to send their children for self-discovery and growth. However, it’s easy to overlook the importance of outdoor activities to development for children across age groups. 

In the digital age of today, time spent in front of television and computer screens has become an increasing problem for countless families. For teenagers, outdoor activity can provide an outlet for creativity and expression along with its many health benefits. 

If you’re struggling to find ways to keep your teen engaged and active during school breaks, teen travel camp may be the perfect solution for ensuring your child has the opportunity to learn and grow outside of the classroom.

The Post-Pandemic Swing of Things 

For some families, the challenge of regaining momentum after a few unprecedented semesters has been difficult. Compared to previous years, work and family schedules may be different, and teenagers may not have access to the same family members or resources they did in years past.

For teenagers in particular, eliminating potential sources of stress, anxiety, and boredom are important to ensuring the opportunities for growth and development provided by school breaks are taken.

What’s more, as we’ve learned from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the school system, opportunities spent outside of the classroom must not be wasted – with extended periods away from school, it becomes increasingly difficult for children to retain the information they’ve learned over the course of the school year. 

With both the physical and academic benefits of camp, children of all ages can grow and develop alongside their peers during an educationally-critical time of the year. Rather than send your teenagers off to their grandparents or other family for the break, consider the many ways that teen travel camp can benefit the entire family.

The Top Benefits of Teen Travel Camp

Above all, one of the most important elements of camp for your teenager revolves around the development of soft skills, including those of communication, creativity, adaptability, and problem-solving. These skills, while emphasized in the classroom, are often not the primary focus of school curriculums. Through camp, these skills serve as the foundation for countless activities meant to engage and stimulate the mind of teens while encouraging active listening and self-expression.

In addition to those noted above, here are additional soft skills that your young person can learn at teen travel camp:

  • time management
  • confidence
  • respect and empathy
  • constructive feedback
  • relationship building

Beyond these soft skills, travel camp provides teens with the ideal chance to make lasting friendships and become the people they truly wish to be. Below are the top five benefits of teen travel camp for your family:


This is an obvious one. At camp, your teenager will always be on the move. Whether they’re learning the practical skill of swimming or studying outdoor life, teens will never experience a dull moment – and they can stay active throughout the fun! 


By spending some time away from home at camp, teens gain exposure to the range of perceptions of their peers and staff. Through interaction with others, teens will grow to respect different backgrounds and viewpoints from their own and will be better prepared to practice empathy on a deeper level as they make lasting friendships along the way.

Real-World Connection

One of the biggest challenges that parents face during school breaks is getting teens to put down their cell phones and step away from the computer screen. Due to the placement of many campgrounds, phone coverage may be seriously lacking. This lack of service offers the ideal opportunity for your teen to step back and appreciate all that the outdoors has to offer. 


In the more open and inclusive environment facilitated by travel camp, teens are given the tools necessary for them to increase their confidence and independence. Through the encouraging atmosphere maintained by travel camp, counselors work with teens to help them become more comfortable with navigating essential day-to-day life more effectively. By the end of the camp season, you’ll welcome home a more determined, thoughtful, and capable teen.


Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of travel camp for teens is the opportunity to learn and strengthen teamwork skills. With its countless applications for school, work, and personal life, teamwork is essential to the growth and development of children of all ages. At travel camp, your team will learn how to work better with others through interactive games, activities, and workshops. 

The Oasis Experience

If you’re already wondering about how your child will spend the next school break, a teen travel camp may be the solution for you. At teen travel camp, your young person will have the opportunity to grow in ways you both never thought possible. 

Each and every family at Oasis Day Camp receives a unique experience that is tailored to their needs. At Oasis, we foster creativity, curiosity, and a sense of community amongst our children by bringing together friendly staff, first-rate camp amenities, age-appropriate activities, and a focus on their well-being. Our camp directors are childcare experts and instructors who are part of the local community, and our employees are role models who remain committed to providing the highest-quality care to each camper.

To plan your teen’s next adventure at travel camp, contact a member of the Oasis staff today. Lifelong friends and an unforgettable experience await your teen at Oasis Day Camp.