The First-Time Parent Guide to Summer Day Camp

For many kids, the summer day camp experience during the summer months feels like a rite of passage. Finally, they’re “big enough” to spend the day amongst peers, exploring the world around them through the special type of warmth and joy that only the summer season can provide.

As a parent, you want to make sure your child’s summer day camp experience goes as smoothly as possible. With the appropriate insight and just the right amount of preparation, your family can ensure your children have the day camp experience of a lifetime.

If you’re a first-time parent, the summer day camp experience can seem a bit foreign at first—but don’t fret! Fortunately, useful advice from families and counselors can provide you with the reassurance and guidance you need to successfully navigate this new experience with your child.

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can better prepare the entire family for your young child’s first summer day camp experience—after all, a child’s first day off to camp is a monumental milestone for every family!


  • The Importance of Establishing Routine for Your Child’s Summer Day Camp Experience
  • How to Prepare Your Child for Summer Day Camp

The Importance of Establishing Routine for Your Child’s Summer Day Camp Experience

For many adults, reactions to the establishment of routine in daily life can vary significantly—some individuals thrive on routine, while others function just as well without a fixed structure.

For young children, however, the importance of routine (especially as you prepare a child for his or her first time away from home) cannot be overstated. Through routine, children gain more confidence and independence in their everyday actions and activities—elements that will serve them well as they navigate the new experiences offered by the summer day camp experience and environment.

How to Prepare Your Child for Summer Day Camp

If you’re a first-time parent and are struggling to identify the most effective methods for preparing your young children for their first summer day camp experience, the counselors at your chosen day camp will be able to provide you with the insight and resources necessary for your child and your family as a whole to feel secure in the transition process from home to camp.

Below are three simple yet effective ways to prepare your child for his or her first day at summer day camp:

  • Spend time as a family outdoors. to facilitate natural learning and ex. By encouraging exploration of the outside world, your family will facilitate natural learning and expose your child early to similar activities he or she will experience at summer day camp.
  • Get creative with playtime. As a family, emulate summer day camp activities through a creative outlet such as arts and crafts or music and dance.
  • Contact your day camp about action plans and guidelines for a safe return to in-person activity. Protect your child (and your peace of mind) by familiarizing yourself with your day camp’s plan to promote a safe return to in-person day camp activities.