The Importance of Teamwork for Your Child

Team-based activities are crucial in developing communication skills between young children. At camp, such activities can help children learn, grow, and explore their identity.

It may be daunting for children to partake in team-based activities at first, but once they’re in the swing of things, it can be an incredibly rewarding experience. As a parent, you’ll witness firsthand how much your children grow from an intellectual standpoint through the power of teamwork.

At Oasis Day Camp, your child can foster critical life skills by teaming up with fellow camp goers. Here are just a few of the ways how your child can benefit from team-based activities!

Your child develops crucial social skills.

Participating in team-based activities thrusts your child into an unknown and dynamic environment. Whether it’s playing a sport or partaking in a camp project, such activities allow your child to think on the spot and teach your child how to communicate in real-time with others.

Putting your child in this position will also teach them the importance of roles. Like a goalie in soccer or a judge in a spelling bee, your child will learn how to fit in different scenarios and develop essential leadership skills.

Dr. Sergio Pellis of the University of Lethbridge even mentioned the brain “builds new circuits” when it comes to navigating “complex social interactions.”

Your child builds higher self-confidence.

By working together in teams, your child can also build higher self-confidence and self-esteem. Knowing that they are entrusted with specific roles, this helps in creating a sense of belonging for your child. It also helps in knowing that their presence is valued in their current setting. Children can use this time to master skills — such as a certain position in a sport.

At Oasis, we help empower children to not only meet, but exceed their potential through play and participation. We provide a safe environment for young children to explore who they are and how they interact, while also encouraging them to be themselves through team-based activities. 

Your child gains real-time problem solving skills.

Not only does teamwork help build communication and leadership skills, but it also gives children different perspectives and outlooks on situations. Through team-based activities, children may be tasked with critical thinking and examining situations through lenses they may have never thought of when not under pressure.

Being thrust in such situations also helps children become more receptive to feedback and other ideas from teammates. Through this, your child can develop lasting friendships for years to come!

Your child develops empathy.

At Oasis, we foster an environment that encourages children to be virtuous toward their fellow peers. Whether it’s a genuine compliment or a friendly handshake, we empower our camp goers to partake in simple acts of kindness throughout their time here.

In partnering up with fellow teammates, our children come to understand their peers’ feelings and emotions much better after collaborating together. If a team activity goes awry, you can always count on your fellow teammates to have your back here at Oasis.

Through discussion and action, your child will get to know, understand, and empathize with their teammates — and forge a lasting bond while at it. 

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