Winter Safety Tips for You and Your Child

In the heart of the winter, playing in the snow may be on top of your child’s mind. However, there are a number of safety precautions parents should take to ensure their child’s safety. Here are some winter safety tips parents can apply for their children as the winter season continues on.

Bundle up for winter safety!

Snow time is always an exciting time for children! Remember those awesome snow days we had as children and the excitement we felt when school was canceled for the day?! 

While it’s important to let your child out for playtime, it’s also important to bundle up to stay warm when the temperature drops. Here are some easy ways to keep your child warm and safe during these colder months:

  • Sport a hat/beanie: Make sure your child’s head and ears are covered completely to ensure proper head warmth and to avoid a head cold.
  • Wear a scarf if they’re old enough: Make sure their neck is covered — but not too tight of course! This will help trap heat around their bodies so they don’t get too cold while playing outside!
  • Wear gloves or mittens. These should also be snug fitting with no gaps in between fingers. They can’t have holes or tears that may expose skin when playing outside!

Parental supervision is important

winter safety

Though your child may be eager to go outside, play, and explore their independence, it’s also important to supervise them for winter safety.

Supervision is necessary no matter what time of day it is, especially when children are outside playing alone or with friends in areas where there are no sidewalks or crosswalks. If you’re not able to watch your child while he plays outside in winter weather conditions, then don’t let them go out alone!

Furthermore, education goes a long way! Take time during winter months to teach kids about how cold temperatures affect their bodies so they can recognize when they’re feeling too cold and need help getting back inside quickly before they get sick! In fact, frostbite and pneumonia are two of the biggest ailments associated with the winter months. Don’t let them stay out too long in the cold, and definitely don’t make them go out without the proper protection!

Set a schedule for outdoor play

The last tip when it comes to winter safety includes setting a schedule for outdoor play. As daylight savings are no longer in order during winter, we know that the days are shorter than usual.

If your child gets out of school around 3pm, allow them to play until around 4:30pm before it starts getting dark outside. You certainly don’t want to leave them in the dark alone — but if they insist on playing as the sun goes down, make sure a parent is there to assist them. It’s a perfect chance, too, for parents to bond with their children by helping them build a snowman!