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Thanksgiving Recipes for Even the Pickiest Child

Making essential dishes for family events is something that kids like doing with great responsibility, and sharing the experience of cooking meals with your child can have long-term benefits on his or her confidence and self-esteem. If you’ve been shooing your children into the living room while you toil away in the kitchen alone, you’re […]

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Enroll Now

Thank you so much for choosing to enroll at Oasis Day Camp at LIU Post. Please choose the appropriate link below to begin this year’s enrollment process. We are very excited for you to be joining us. New FamiliesReturning Families Read More

Keeping Your Child Healthy in the Winter Months

Despite the fact that parents should always be keeping a close eye on the health and well-being of their children throughout the year, winter is frequently the time of year when seasonal afflictions are most prevalent. What’s more, the combination of dry, heated air from central heating and less time spent outside can occasionally result […]

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Improving Reading and Writing Skills in Young Children

Writing is a complex process with many interconnected components. Reading is a critical component of your child’s emotional and intellectual growth, and strong reading abilities will set your child up for success in a variety of ways later in life, including the enhancement of their abilities to utilize skills involving language association, reasoning, judgment, and […]

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The Benefits of Art and Crafts for the Creative Child

Art and crafts have a more significant influence in the development of children than you might imagine – indeed, the artistic pursuits of children have the potential to aid in the learning and grasp of other areas of their lives, including academics and social skills. Even further, art also aids in the development of visual, […]

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Teen Travel

Entering 8th to 11th Grade Teen Travel is geared towards young adults. Teens will arrive at camp each day and then leave to go on daily trips, 5 days a week. We will also have two overnight trips throughout the summer (dates and info to follow) and a weeklong Teen Adventure to Ohio (info below). […]

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Exploring Nature This October: Encouraging Outdoor Play

In order for children to grow and maintain a healthy balance amongst all areas of their young lives, outdoor play is absolutely essential. When this harmony is achieved, children are able to focus more clearly on tasks at home and school while also benefiting from the physical exercise and mental stimulation afforded by outdoor play.   […]

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Managing High-Energy Children After Summer Day Camp

Picture this: you’ve finally made it to the doors of your child’s summer day camp to pick the little one up to go home, and you receive nothing but glowing reports of your child’s behavior from his or her camp counselors. But then, when you get home, your angel child is in mid-tantrum before you’ve […]

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The First-Time Parent Guide to Summer Day Camp

For many kids, the summer day camp experience during the summer months feels like a rite of passage. Finally, they’re “big enough” to spend the day amongst peers, exploring the world around them through the special type of warmth and joy that only the summer season can provide. As a parent, you want to make […]

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