Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Andrew Leonard and I am proud to be the Upper Camp Director for Dobbs Ferry! Over my years with this wonderful organization, I’ve had the great privilege to be part of several successful campsites and work under some of the best directors Oasis has to offer!  With this in mind, I can’t wait to share my wealth of knowledge with our fantastic staff and amazing families!

I’ve been a “camp guy” my entire life… swimming in the pool on the hot days, eating my lunch under the big tent, and running off the bus to my friends on the soccer field before the rally.  I’ve been that little munchkin camper, the savvy teen traveler, the nervous CIT, and the proud group leader.  My past few summers have provided me with countless more experiences, completing summers as a Division Leader, Program Director, & Athletics Director.

To keep busy during the “non-summer” months, I teach 3rd grade ICT in Bayside, Queens! I’ve made so many memories over my fifteen years with the NYCDOE and I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

My wife Deanna and I are the proud parents of two boys, Aiden & Cameron.  Get used to their names & faces, because you’ll be seeing them around camp!  We’re a package deal!  Some people bring their work home with them… well, I bring my home to work! I can’t wait to meet your family and have a wonderful summer together.