Your Child’s Happiness Comes First

Everyone at Oasis Day Camp at LIU Post shares one common goal: to put the interest and happiness of our campers first.

Our staff is nurturing and encouraging in everything they do.  We are involved in all aspects of camp and believe that participation and supervision are one in the same.

Amazing staff that receive the best training in the industry – it’s another aspect that makes Oasis a premium camp!

It’s about the people! It’s not about the grounds, facilities, or even the activities.  It’s about the people.  At Oasis we deliver excellence through our commitment to recruiting, training, and motivating the best staff in the summer camp industry.

We attract the most qualified teachers, coaches, program specialists and college students, and continuously instruct, coach and reward them to bring out their highest level of performance.

Most importantly, our staff loves what they do, which makes a difference every day in your child’s camping experience.

At Oasis Day Camp we understand the importance of taking care your children. This is why our staff are highly trained and equipped with everything they need to make sure your children are safe all day while making friends and memories for life. They are engaged and active all day long, from swimming and sports to art and science. Our goal is that your children will always feel comfortable while trying new things and meeting new friends.

Our number one priority is the safety and wellbeing of every camper. To ensure your child has the best summer possible, our Staff is required to attend and participate in orientations and trainings prior to and during the camp season, giving them all the tools needed to provide the safest and most fun camp experience.



Oasis Day Camp is known for its small group sizes and exceptional camper to counselor ratios. We strive to ensure that each child is always supervised and safe.

Division Leaders

Oasis Day Camp’s Division Leaders are Leadership Team members who also oversee several groups. They are made up of School Administrators, Mental Health Professionals, College Professors and Seasoned Special Education Teachers. Division Leaders are always available to speak to parents.


Oasis Day Camp counselors are high school and college students selected from hundreds of potential counselor applicants. Counselors become role models, friends, mentors, and confidants to our campers. By being active participants in all group activities themselves, Oasis Counselors encourage their campers to participate as well.

Coaches/ Specialists

Oasis Day Camp Coaches and Specialists are trained professionals in their fields. Most activity at Oasis are run by a Coach or Specialist. Whether your child is learning how to pass a basketball, paint in art, or kick in martial arts, your child will have a professional guiding them all the way.