Oasis at LIU Post: The Perfect Long Island Summer Camp!

Summer is the season of fun, relaxation, and adventure. Many parents look for ways to engage their kids during this time, especially those who work full-time or simply want their children to experience something new. On Long Island, there is a summer camp that has been providing children with unique and exciting activities for years: Oasis at LIU Post.

Located on the picturesque campus of Long Island University Post, Oasis is known for its exceptional summer programs. Nestled in the rolling hills of Brookville, the campus provides a beautiful backdrop for the many activities offered. Oasis has been a prominent fixture in Long Island summer camps for many years, offering a wide range of activities for kids as young as 3 and all the way through 11th grade!

Oasis at LIU Post offers HORSEBACK RIDING!

One of the most unique activities that sets Oasis apart from other summer camps is our Horseback Riding program. Available for campers from 1st to 5th grade, campers will take lessons at the North Shore Equestrian Center.

With over 40 years in operation, the NSEC’s trained and experienced staff will guide your little camper through everything they need to know about horseback riding. Soon, they’ll have the fundamentals down and the confidence to continue the wonderful activity of horseback riding!

We offer three different pricing options for our Horseback Riding program:

  • 1-hour lesson during the week you choose = $105.00
  • Three 1-hour lessons during the week you choose = $265.00
  • Five 1-hour lessons during the week you choose = $450.00

Parents MUST provide riding helmet, boots or hard-soled shoes, and riding pants or jeans.

Oasis’ Long Island Summer Camp is ideal for honing future artists!

One of the unique offerings that set Oasis apart from other summer camps is our cartooning class. Perfect for budding artists, our Long Island Summer Camp provides expert instruction to help campers express their creativity through the world of cartooning. In this class, children learn to draw by using various techniques and materials. Soon, they’ll be drawing their own comics and superheroes in no time!

Other art-related activities at Oasis’ LIU Post campus include chalk art, duct tape art, Picasso painting, tie dying, and jewelry/bead making!

Getting active at our Long Island Summer Camp

Long Island Summer CampScavenger Hunts

Another popular activity at Oasis is our scavenger hunts. The camp’s campus provides a perfect setting for these exciting hunts that keep children engaged while promoting teamwork and problem-solving. Kids of all ages are challenged to find a variety of clues and hidden objects scattered throughout the campus.


For those looking for a more balanced and relaxing activity, Oasis offers yoga classes. With expert instructors who are both certified and experienced, kids are taught various types of yoga to enhance their flexibility, balance, and overall well-being.

Yoga is not only a great physical exercise, but it also offers many mental benefits for children. It has been shown that practicing yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, improve overall mood, and increase cognitive function.

The practice of yoga involves focusing on breath control and body movements, which helps children to clear their minds and improve concentration. It also promotes mindfulness, which can help children to better handle stress and difficult emotions.

By incorporating yoga into your child’s summer routine, children can develop important mental skills and tools that will serve them well throughout their lives.


Dance classes are another popular option at Oasis. Dancing is a great way to get your child up and active in a fun manner — and they won’t even realize it! At Oasis, your little camper will learn all the traditional dances you remember growing up, including the Cha Cha Slide, Cotton-Eye Joe, and the Cupid Shuffle.


Tennis enthusiasts will find Oasis to be an excellent spot for improving their skills. The camp features dedicated tennis courts where expert coaches teach children the fundamentals of the sport. From proper grip to foot placement, kids learn the essential skills needed to become tennis pros.

Martial Arts

Martial arts fans will be pleased to find that Oasis offers expert training in various forms of martial arts. The classes are designed to help children improve their focus, discipline, and self-control. With experienced instructors, kids learn the basics of martial arts and are taught various techniques for self-defense. Furthermore, martial arts help kids become stronger and more focused. It teaches them how to be disciplined and have control over their body — which can help them in life and even in other sports they may do!


For children who love legos, Oasis offers Lego-building classes. In these courses, children use their imaginations to create amazing structures and designs using Lego blocks. These classes provide a great chance for children to deepen their knowledge of engineering and architecture while practicing their creativity.

Oasis at LIU Post: the Long Island Summer Camp your child dreamed of!

Oasis has a great selection of summer activities for kids that provide opportunities to explore, learn, and have fun. Whether your child is interested in art, sports, dance, or yoga, Oasis has something for everyone. The camp’s location at LIU Post is a beautiful setting with plenty of green spaces and facilities to keep kids engaged and active all summer long.

Parents looking for an exceptional Long Island summer camp experience for their children should consider Oasis at LIU Post. The camp offers a wealth of fun and educational activities that help children to develop new skills and confidence. They also provide a safe environment where children can meet new friends, socialize, and have fun.

To learn more about Oasis at LIU Post, please check out our LIU page and contact us to enroll today!